Corporate massage is a popular staff incentive used for general staff wellbeing, wellness days, staff appreciation, client gifts and events.  As a rule massages are charged based on time in group bookings and not by a per head rate but a per head rate can be calculated based on the time of the massage.

Here are a few factors that will influence the cost of your treatment;

Qualified staff

Some companies may charge less based on staff not being qualified, at Sheer Bliss we only employ qualified staff and remunerate them accordingly. The quality of your massage depends greatly on the therapist and he knowledge and skill.  There can be unpleasant side effects of having a massage from someone who is not qualified.

Travel costs

Any event within a 30 km radius from our offices are not charged a travel fee.  Once we go out further than 30km we charge a travel rate of R3.00 per km and should flights or accommodation need to be quoted, on online estimate is created.

Duration of massage

While quotes are provided on an hourly rate the time of the massage will dictate the price, if we are charging R390 per therapist per hour, we will calculate how many massages can be done in the hour for instance;

Massage duration                           Number of Massages                     Per head cost

6 Minute Moment Massage                       10                                                           R 39.00

10 Minute Massage                                       6                                                            R 65.00

15 Minute Massage                                       4                                                             R 97.50

20 Minute Massage                                      3                                                             R 130.00

Set up requirements

Though décor is included in most set up, there are times for events that require additional set up with special décor such as bean bags, extra massage beds, refresher towels or sport events and paper towel for hygiene. For such events a setup fee of 20% or a management fee may come into play.


Although discounts are offered to recurring customers and when a bulk order is booked a discount is applied, the best way to get the best price on massage is to book over longer time periods.  Our day rate is more economical and brings the per head rate from R39 to R32.82, you cannot even get your staff lunch for that amount!

Though events may have a different set of management fees and transport costs, you can see that a corporate massage has a very standard pricing though we always recommend giving us your numbers and let us quote you to get you the best price for your office indulgence.