Work incentives are put in place to keep staff motivated and on a productive path.  There are many ways for staff to be motivated that don’t involve a pay raise or a promotion.  Companies are striving to keep the great talent that they have employed by offering office incentives to keep staff happy, healthy, and productive.

Take care of your staff and they will take care of your clients – Richard Branson

Flexi Time

The nine to five day does not work for everyone, giving staff a half day off a month to run personal errands, get some rest or spend time with family can change the way they work during working hours.  At Ngage staff can skip the traffic and arrive at the office later or earlier if they prefer and admin staff who must be in the office from 8h30 to 4h30 are given a work day off a month. This gives staff motivation to work hard at the time they are in the office because they know they are getting the time off.

Reward Programs

Instituting a reward program for staff can save on staff spending time on personal tasks during office hours. A rewards company provides like The PLP Group provide a service  to companies like Multichoice and Accenture where staff are given a variety of special offers that include two for one specials on eating out and movies but also gives them free counselling, a call centre to request any quotations from planning a kids party to buying a car, they even have a concierge service and thus spend more time focused on work. This can be worked on a points system and staff can win vouchers.

Spa day

A massage on site whether it is a seated massage at your desk or a full spa set up will relax and rejuvenate staff, it is very seldom that people book themselves a massage and mostly receive this as a gift.  At New Media staff are offered a spa session of 30 minute back massages and the staff pay half, knowing they have this reward at the end of their deadline gives them the push they need to get though the stressful time.

Have Fun at Work

We have seen a variety of fun areas at work, from a Lego station to a pool table or ping pong table.  Giving staff space where they can go and let off steam and socialize will encourage team bonding and help staff get to know each other on a personal level.

Employee Appreciation Week

At TNT staff are rewarded with something special on each day of one week from arriving on Monday to a decorated office with balloons and streamers, on Tuesday they might all have a pack of sweets on their desk, Wednesday could have surprise vouchers, Thursday they will all get lunch and of course our massages are saved for Friday – a perfect week and particularly happy team.

No matter how you show your staff appreciation, at the end of the day, staff who feel appreciated perform better and stay longer.