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7 days at 7 malls across the country with minimal budget, an impossible task I thought, But Sheer Bliss, were truly AMAZING… the therapists across all three regions were reliable, well spoken, well dressed and really willing to help out wherever they could, This kind of support for me helped make the campaign 100% of the success it was!

Rose, MallSA

When I found out Sheer Bliss would be visiting us, I was SUPER excited. And WOW did the team live up to the reputation. The massage helped to relieve so much of that tension. The paraffin hand massage was just gorgeous – I could’ve dozed off in the chair contently. All in all, the Sheer Bliss ladies were professional and I felt totally rejuvenated.

Rochelle, Sales

In one word – awesome. It’s a very good idea to take massages to the office environment i.e. the stress source. A very relaxing experience, even if you’re feeling stressed out, you won’t be able to resist once they start working their magic. I didn’t think that it was possible to get such a thorough massage while sitting at your desk.



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