Wellness days create a space where staff can take responsibility for their health, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. A wellness day brings attention to health and overall wellbeing in the workplace by nipping health concerns in the bud. Here are some suggestions to get your office into a healthy frame of mind every day:

  1. Create a healthy office cook book get everyone in the office to bring in one healthy recipe and create a cook book that will get everyone chatting about their healthy eating choices.
  2. Provide fruit for staff to snack on in the office, Daily Fruit (Insert Link) deliver fruit to your office daily, not only on a wellness day.
  3. Offer flu shots at your wellness day, with nurses onsite doing testing already, you may have an opportunity to prevent office colds before the start.
  4. Onsite Yoga class – Simply Well  provide ongoing yoga at offices as well as nutrition and other wellness consultation.
  5. Initiate a sign up for weekly runs in the office, give staff reflector jackets and get everyone running in the neighborhood to boost a good habit.
  6. Subsidize wearable technology that helps staff track their activity, creating an awareness of how many steps are being taken on day can encourage activity, Discovery offers team rewards for active goals as well as individual rewards so this can become an office goal.
  7. Dress up on your wellness day, giving a day a theme that everyone dresses up and participates will give the team a greater understating of their peers’ individuality and all that fun and laughter can only promote happy vibes in the office.
  8. Incorporate plants in the office, A study conducted in 2010 determined that just one plant per work space can provide a significant lift in a person’s emotional state.
  9. Offer some cool freebies, A Netflix subscription, babysitting, custom shoes, tickets to a sporting event
  10. Tea for the soul, Lay out some hot water, tea bags, and some healthy treats. Google “inspirational quotes” and write them down on strips of paper. Put all the quotes in a bowl. Invite people to take a 15-minute break to enjoy a cup of tea and snack and have everyone grab 1 quote from the bowl.