In this super fast paced rat race we call our daily lives, it is important to relax, recharge and power your self up again as often as possible, go tech free for an hour… It’s not as scary as it sounds…. Especially not if you are getting a relaxing massage, having your nails done, or getting your feet sandal ready.

We all deserve to be pampered and treated at least once a month…. even if it is by ourselves.

With Mobile Spa’s being a popular, fast growing new option, the only question should be; “Do I go to the Spa or does the Spa come to me” Obviously if you have kids it’s a no brainer, get out the house as fast as you can….(Kidding)

Speaking of Children…

Going to a Traditional Spa will give you a change of scenery, and as much as we love our little ones, some times we just need to take a much deserved uninterrupted break.


However having a Mobile Treatment could eliminate the problem of getting a baby sitter, and if no one else is home to watch them adding the extra pressure of dropping and fetching the little ones from some one who can.

Talk about Travel….

Having to go to a Traditional Spa as I said , but one must get there, I suppose the stress of traffic will be relieved when you are having your massage but will it all be for naught on the drive home?


Having a Mobile Treatment means no traffic (for you at least) affording you the extra luxury of time as well as allowing the treatment to linger for longer. Time is such a valuable recourse for all of us, we should spend our time doing what we enjoy as much as possible, make each moment count.


Mentioning Moments…..

Going to a Traditional Spa where you get to make an appointment with your favorite therapist whom you have been seeing for years and she knows exactly how you like it,  more often than not means you have to fit in with their schedule and availability.


Mobile Treatments gives you a bit more flexibility, they come at your convenience, even to your office. No having to wait around in reception if your therapist is  running late with another client. What would be better than an evening massage after a long week, safely in the comfort of your own home.

Saying Safely…..

Not every one wants a stranger in their home, this is where a Traditional Spa would automatically be your first choice. But as 2020 has shown us, sometimes being in a public space can be a danger to your health if proper precautions are not taken.


If at first the idea of a Mobile Treatment does not grab you, cause you are letting a stranger into your home, perhaps the realization that you will only be exposed to one extra person as apposed to a building full of strangers. Also it gives you the added comfort of using your own linen and towels if you whish to. And I can guarantee the therapist there’s only focus is on giving you their best service, not to worry about the colour of your curtains.

In conclusion it is wonderful that we have the option of both, as they say, different strokes(or in this case massages) for different folks