Congratulations! You have a bun in the oven. Growing a human is hard work. The changes that your body goes through during pregnancy are fascinating. I don’t know any woman who has not been absolutely amazed by the marvel that is the miracle of life that we as women are naturally capable of. But it is not all peaches and cream, between hormonal mood swings, aches and pains it takes a lot to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

In this guide, we will share some hints and tips on how to feel your best during pregnancy in a safe way.


Always the secret elixir. But when you are pregnant this becomes even more valuable. Blood volume increases during pregnancy meaning that there is more to circulate and so exercise is crucial for getting enough oxygen to all of your organs and of course to bring oxygen and nutrients to the growing fetus.  This said, it is hard in the first trimester to get going with the overwhelming tiredness that you experience, but getting up and getting blood flowing will make you feel more energetic so it really is worth the effort. Other benefits include recovery from the birth, if you are planning a natural birth you will need to be as strong as possible and giving your body the best head start will give you the stamina you need for labour as well as help your body recover after the delivery.


“You must eat a lot, you’re eating for two!” Right? Wrong, well in quantity at least. Your baby takes first preference on any nutrients you put in, this means that you get the last bits of whatever you eat. You need to make sure that you are eating enough nutrients for two but not in quantity, weight gain during pregnancy can be very hard to get rid of after birth and is not healthy for you or your baby.  Some women are even able to use the time during pregnancy to make lifestyle changes that in turn help them lose weight with breastfeeding after the birth.


Massage is safe during pregnancy provided you are out of your first trimester (past 12 weeks) and your therapist is aware of your pregnancy. There are aromatherapy oils that are a definite no no during pregnancy such as: Nutmeg, Rosemary, Basil, Jasmine, Sage, Rose, and Juniper Berry.  As long as your therapist is aware of your pregnancy she will be able to assess and avoid products that may be harmful to you. Otherwise a massage is definitely a most welcome time to relax and indulge yourself – you really deserve it at this time and let’s face it, a massage from a partner is not the same!

A common misconception is that you would need to lie on your tummy – not for a pregnancy massage. Your therapist will provide pillows and lie you on your side to make you as comfortable as possible. Lying on your back for too long in the later stages of pregnancy is also not comfortable as the uterus is heavy and weighs down on the sacro-iliac artery cutting off circulation to the legs and giving you numb feet.  Many women also suffer from heartburn during pregnancy and in this instance we will prop the bed up slightly to keep your head higher than your heart to avoid any discomfort.

As the joints soften during pregnancy there are many different aches and pains that move around throughout the  40 weeks of pregnancy and having a massage will go a long way to alleviate a variety of symptoms. A pressure pointed massage can even relieve sinus discomfort during pregnancy. For this reason, we offer a massage subscription to see you through this beautiful journey.


We really feel this goes hand in hand with massage. Taking time to be present, feel your body and practice mindfulness will almost always relax you. A few deep breaths ensuring that you are taking in enough oxygen for your organs and for your baby will make you feel calm and bring your attention to areas that might need some special care.

Pregnancy is a big job, the most important part of all is to keep yourself feeling happy and enjoy your pregnancy.