We have been asked on many occasions where our spa is based and we do not have one, this is what differentiates us from our competitors and as a mobile business we have truly mastered the art of bringing the spa to you. As with anything, there are pros and cons to both treatment options.

When you book in at a Spa you have the benefit of really getting away from it all, most spas have convenient lockers that you can place your cell phone and valuable items into and spend the day in a gown and disposable slippers completely switched off from it all. Our favourite spa day out that we recommend is Fairlawns Spa Sandton. Should this be an office excursion you will need to arrange travel at an additional cost for your team.   In most cases, you would be greeted with a welcome drink, the surroundings are beautiful and you will be taken to a prepared room to enjoy the treatments of your choice. You may or may not have access to a jacuzzi or hot tub to lounge around in. Following your decadent experience if you are not sleeping over, you will need to leave the spa with oils in your hair, looking very relaxed and must drive home and be alert on the road.

Booking a spa day in on the other hand offers you the comfort of your own home. If you are booking for an office team, no one is any the wiser until a room has been converted into a spa and the surprise of being in a familiar space that has been changed into something tranquil sets in. Having this setting in your own home creates a space where guests can enjoy a social gathering, depending on the setting still have access to a jacuzzi or hot tub and not be restricted by the etiquette of a spa. You are in your space with your own rules. While we do require private space for massages, the main benefit comes in after having had some time to rest and recuperate in your own home; should you wish to roll over and take a nap, you don’t need to go anywhere. Our therapists need to be let out and the time is completely yours.

Our Mobile Massage clients enjoy the benefit of not having to drive and find this makes massage a far more possible appointment to fit into their busy schedule, likewise, our Corporate Clients who enjoy monthly My Spa to You massages have the benefit of staff not leaving the building to treat a backache that could lead to more intensive appointments with a physio therapist or chiropractor.

As with any spa or salon visit, your experience is as good as the therapist working you on the day. When it comes down to it, what really makes us feel special in any spa be it at home or out, is the service we receive from the therapist and staff as well as the quality of the products used and treatments delivered. The little touches such as décor, hot compress towels for your massage and signature touch sequences are and should be present in both mobile and spa resort offering.

Sheer Bliss believes in encouraging our therapists to have treatments from one another to find room for improvement as well as being on the receiving end to connect with a client’s experience to deliver the best service to our client base, time and again.