Valentines Day is one of our favourite times of year because we literally deliver love to every house all day long! It’s just too cool to show up at a client and see the reaction when someone special has planned a surprise massage for you!

We know that this year is different to any other because of the pandemic, people are staying home, budgets are tight and nothing really feels normal right now, but the one thing that we can count on is love 🙂

With so many ways to show your love for someone, we have put together this guide to help you show that someone special – or yourself just how much they mean to you on a shoestring budget.

Candle-lit Bubble Bath

Set the tone with candles, fairy lights and some music – wine too if you got to the shops before Thursday at 6pm! Spending time in a bath is a great way to chat with one another with no technology, and if you’re feeling at all self conscious with your loved one in the buff, the bubbles will create a great sneaky cover up 😉 You can use this time to wash each others back and just enjoy a nice space for closeness and communication and who knows what else.

Romantic Picnic

Now that parks are open and the rain has finally stopped, get out there and enjoy the gorgeous weather. This is such a nice one because you can invite a ‘couples friends’ and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air as a double date. You can even take your dogs along and make it a family Valentines date for everyone to enjoy. Read a book together, chat or take a board game like chess or backgammon to keep things fun and interesting.

Netflix and Chill

The cool part about being home is that we have access to all of our normal comforts. Embrace the stay at home vibe with your own romantic meal, kitted out with candles and decor, either home cooked or take outs, pick a great movie together or get engrossed in a series and snuggle up for the night.

Give Them a Massage

Now we know we are the experts on this, but the fact is that a touch love person is not actually that fussy, even a good back tickle will go a long way to earning you brownie points. Read this guide on how to do it best yourself at home. Just in case you have not heard, you can now get cash back on our massages with Legacy Lifestyle or pay for them with Legacy Rands.

Breakfast in Bed

Ah the classic! This is always a winner, from Mother’s/Father’s Day, birthdays or any special day. Breakfast in bed is a long old favourite for good reason. A wise man once said “If you love someone, give them coffee” and here is your chance. Sharing a meal together and spending a lazy morning in bed is just heaven!

However you choose to spend the day of love, whether with someone or on your own or with a friend, we hope you feel special, loved and cared for. Wishing everyone a magical Valentines Day with all the warm and fuzzies.