International Women’s Day is the 8th March every year, the first year occurred in 1911 and was celebrated by over one million people. This year the theme is Balance for Better. We see this in so many different ways! The most important to be highlighted of course is balancing gender roles. This theme may kick off on the 8th March but should be taken seriously throughout the year. Balance the world, better the future.

Balance is not a women’s issue, this is a business issue. We should be pushing for a gender balanced workplace, country and world. Gender balance is essential for economies to thrive.

This is a collective effort that involves everyone, everywhere.

There are many ways to get involved and you can make this as big or as small as you like, every bit makes a difference.

In this guide we will offer you a few examples on how to get your office motivated for #IWD2019

Inspire Others

Let your community know that you are observing the day. Tell your friends, invite your work colleagues to join in. Do whatever you can to make a difference.

Social Media

Strike the #BalanceforBetter pose with your hands out and share your image on social media. Use the hashtags #BalanceforBetter and #IWD2019

Download the #BalanceforBetter Selfie cards here and use them on all of your social media posts.

Take Action

Plan an International Women’s Day event to open this conversation in your workplace. Our team are learning about self defense to feel more empowered in general. You can host any kind of event that talks about gender equality and what kinds of changes we can make to notice it’s absence and applaud it’s presence. You can read more here on how to plan your IWD.

Remember The Theme All Year Long

The theme goes on all year long, make sure that you are reminded of the theme and keep the IWD spirit going for the whole year long.

In whatever way you choose to acknowledge or observe the theme this year, we would love to hear about it! Please share your activities with us on social media by tagging us and comment on this post.

Happy International Women’s Day 2019