What is a wellness day?

Healthy and happy staff are productive staff, wellness days create a space where staff can take responsibility for their health, physically, emotionally and psychologically.  A wellness day brings attention to health and overall well being in the workplace by nipping health concerns in the bud. Corporate wellness programs have shown an increase in bottom line in 93% of businesses participating in wellness programs with a reduction of sick days and better in business relationships.  In this guide we will provide you with the base providers to constitute a successful wellness day.


A wellness day is set up an an area where testing can take place.  Companies such as Discovery  (Sheer Bliss is a preferred supplier) or Kaelo provide nurses for staff who are encouraged to leave their offices to get tested for HIV, High or Low blood pressure, cholesterol as well as body weight, BMI and a general health check.  All results are confidential and counseling is provided in cases with unexpected results. Vitality points are awarded for vitality members and all results are logged into the computer system onsite and an email report is sent to the staff member for comprehensive feedback.

Eye Testing

Discovery do offer pods which include every test though most companies opt for bringing in an optometrist from the area who can perform eye tests on site and then deliver prescriptions as need be following the wellness days.

Blood Drives

Wellness days are an excellent space for a blood drive. The South African National Blood Service is a non profit organization which provides an essential service within South Africa and is rated amongst the best in the world in the provision of blood and blood products, as well as in relation to the research and training provided. Their core purpose is saving lives and what a great staff team building effort to be a group of super heroes! Bookings on 0800 11 9031.


Abs are made in the kitchen! Canteens are moving more into offering healthy options for staff to have access to good food during the day, wellness days will often have a nutritionist offering eating plans and assessing the eating habits of staff on request.  Following testing a good eating plan could be just what is needed to get staff energy levels up and health on the right track.


Sheer Bliss massages are used as an incentive following testing, once the registration, testing and other vendors have been visited, staff are invited to enjoy a well deserved seated massage.  Our massages are designed to stimulate three main brain chemicals Serotonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine – these happy hormones stimulate feelings of relaxation, bonding and give a burst of energy to get you through the day.  For more on how leadership can use brain chemicals, do not miss Dr Tara Swart for Neurocience for Leadership.

Financial Wellness

A few of the larger financial providers such as Alexander Forbes and Old Mutual have a variety of Financial Wellness programs for Wellness days and workshops.  Financial Wellness is a huge contributor  to stress levels and reducing depression.  At a wellness day a consult will be offered too get staff budgeting and planning for retirement as well as having insurances in place to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

We hope you have some insight into your wellness program and a good idea on where to start, as always we know that healthy, happy staff are more productive and perform better in the workplace.