Sheer Bliss is the first company in South Africa to introduce MEED massage with Virtual Reality.

Digital meets the human touch with this fully immersive experience. Welcome to the future of massage where, we will take you away and create a vacation at your desk with the lapping of waves, guided mediation and more.

Relaxation meets innovation with this modern new way to escape the stresses of the day and drift away, all without leaving your desk.

How it works?

Our fully qualified therapists will arrive at your office with VR headsets, set to a beautiful vacation scene. Once you place the headset on you are taken away and with the visual and audio effect, you feel as though you are no longer in your office.  While you enjoy the decadent views, our therapists will perform our famous 6 Minute Moment Massage. You can look around and take in the landscape as you relax.

Once the headset is removed, you are given a box of our delicious fudge to enjoy as the final touch to our all new massage.

What this does?

Having a long massage stimulates your lymphatic system leaving you feeling groggy after the massage. When you can take the time to rest, this is hugely beneficial to the body. However having short massage releases three main brain chemicals;

  • Oxytocin       – building trust between co-workers
  • Serotonin     – leaving you feeling happy and content
  • Dopamine    – is a call to action chemical that gets you going

We have all experienced what is called a brain blink. This is when our brains move away from a problem before you have that “aha” moment and new ideas come to the front. We feel this when we are driving or doing something that is not related to our work. By having a MEED VR massage at your desk you are able to “step away” for a moment and experience the benefit of new ideas just when we need them – at work.

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