Massage is more than a staff incentive, it is a contributor to overall wellness with benefits to the body such as increased circulation,  lymphatic drainage and then we have the psychological benefits when the body released endorphins such as  Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin.  The length of a massage can have an impact on the effect it has on the body and this can greatly influence the massage choice for your office.  In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of each massage and how to choose the right product for the size of your group.

6 Minute Moment Massage

This massage is our most popular seller, an economical choice that gives your staff a boost of energy and leaves the team feeling happy and relaxed but alert. When you receive a massage as short as this, endophins are released giving you a boost of happy hormones and bonding between team mates. This massage works well in an office with large numbers, it is great in a call center environment where staff cannot leave their desks. As we quote our massages by hour and not per head, in an instance where there are less than 20 staff in an office, we will lengthen the massage to fill the time and then perform either 10 or 15 minute massages, these massage times carry the same benefit as a 6 Minute Moment Massage but spend additional time combating knots in the back and treating symptoms of stress.

Our set up includes decor on each staff members desk, music with a portable radio and a box of fudge is given to each staff member as a final gift to thank you for using our services, there is no additional charge for this and co-branding is available for client gifting.

My Spa to You

A pop up spa in your office, with this massage option we will convert your office into a spa for the day.  Our set up includes a pillow that will not leave a mark on your face, screens to close off any widows or cover any office looking furniture such as desks or shelving.  Once this spa space is created, you are welcomed into the room where you will get undressed, lie down on the bed an having pre-booked a choice of four massage options; our Signature Bliss Massage, Deep Tissue Massage,  Hot Stone Massage, Calabash massage or a Manicure for those who enjoy massage less. Massages range from 20 to 60 minutes and staff have the option to pay half.

When you lie down and have a proper massage with oils and get undressed, the lymphatic system  is stimulated and while you may fall asleep the massage can leave you feeling very relaxed and it can take a few minutes to get back into work. Though staff who have these massages regularly are less inclined to suffer with back ache and neck problems as well as migraines.

With all of our massage options from desk massages to spa experiences staff feel appreciated.  If a massage is a surprise, the brain released serotonin giving you a boost of happy hormones and this gives staff a happy attitude to keep going when the day is long.  Massages that are used as a monthly incentive give the team something to push towards and look forward to, similar to a countdown for a holiday.

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