We see the inside of hundreds of offices and when we deliver our massages, the topic of caring for staff always comes up. Companies all over the world see the value in keeping staff happy and healthy to maximize the longevity of each roll and save on the cost of replacing staff members.

While it is important for staff to work hard and every employer will encourage hard work, giving your staff the space to have fun and be happy will in turn increase productivity.

Our team recently visited Allegiance Consulting –  a company of legal & business analysts specializing in the field of financial planning.  We arrived to deliver massages to the whole building and were lucky enough to be given a tour of their office “we want to have to coolest offices” said one of the staff members “when we are on deadline, these guys will work until 3am to get the job done and we want them to feel comfortable here.”

In their office they have a projector that can view videos – during our time there, a staff member went home and the office played a live stream of him eating chilies along with chili sauce and not having a drink for  10 minutes, it was entertaining and the whole office took part in the enjoyment, not the mention the upped street cred rating of the daring staff member!

This office has a pool table and a Play station as well as a bar for Friday drinks.

Other offices we have visited have Lego stations so that staff can take a moment and go and build on a Death Star or Pirate Ship that is coming together.

Why have all of these perks for staff?

Human beings need to feel a part of something.  The human brain functions best on chemicals that make us feel happy. Creating a space where staff feel happy will increase the productivity in your office and giving staff a time out in the work day to take a step away from desks will help their brains bring important information to the fore.

The Happiness Advantage by Shaun Achor speaks about our focus on the negative and how we have been programmed to believe that when we achieve success, we will be happier when in fact, it is when we are happier that we achieve success. Watch Shaun’s Ted Talk and check out his book The Happiness Advantage to learn more about how the brain reacts to happy stimulation. You can also read the summary here.

One of the key principals that stands out as we see this is the workplace most often is: Positive emotions flood our brains with dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that not only make us feel good but dial up the learning centers of our brains to higher levels. They help us organize new information, keep that information in the brain longer, and retrieve it faster later on. And they enable us to make and sustain more neural connections, which allows us to think more quickly and creatively, become more skilled at complex analysis and problem solving, and see and invent new ways of doing things.

With these principals in mind, it is easy to understand why we promote, healthy happy and productive staff for all of our clients.