Sheer Bliss does and always has taken hygiene and sterilization very seriously, it is no surprise that we did not need to make extensive changes to our processes to ensure your safety and that of our therapists. We are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the Covid virus, read on to understand the steps we are taking;


As always, we have a zero tolerance on any therapists coming to work sick. If anyone is showing any flu-like symptoms or general health niggles they are asked to inform us as soon as possible and call in sick. We will always have backup staff available and we can then offer you another therapist or the choice to reschedule your appointment.

On arrival at our offices, therapists will be screened with a non-contact thermometer. Any therapists who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, are asked to self isolate for 5 days before returning to work. Therapists who have traveled out of South Africa are asked to isolate for 10 days on their return, before resuming work again.


Hygiene is fortunately a key element in the health and beauty industry and the adjustments that we have needed to make are minor.

  • Masks – All therapists will wear a mask and will continue to wear masks during our treatments
  • Washing Hands – On arrival, therapists will wash their hands, should she touch her mask, she will sanitize their hands.
  • Gloves – Surgical gloves are available on request. The feeling of gloves on our skin during a massage is not ideal and so this is an option but not compulsory.
  • Towels and Linen – We use fresh towels and blankets that are washed on a 60° cycle after every client. These towels are dried in the sun and tumble dried on high heat. You are given a 5% discount if you provide your own towels, blankets, and linen.
  • Beds and surfaces – All of our massage beds are wiped down with JIK before every appointment. Our VR headsets are wiped with alcohol swabs between every client and a disposable face mask is used for every client.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Therapists will use hand sanitizer between every client in the instance of groups, although we would prefer to wash hands between clients.

Sheer Bliss respects our therapist’s choice as well as yours. While we have not made it compulsory for our therapists to vaccinate, most of our team have done so voluntarily. You do have the option to request a vaccinated therapist for your treatments and vaccination cards will be presented on request.

Bookings and Cancellations

We send out a booking confirmation 24 hours before your appointment, should you have any reason to change or cancel a booking, please do so as soon as you are planning to. We do hold bookings to move to a later date if we are given 24 hours notice. However, if a therapist arrives for an appointment and you decline the service, you will be liable for the cost.

Although we are doing everything possible to ensure your safety and ours, we request that any high risk clients avoid booking with us until it is completely safe to do so. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things and delivering our popular massages to you.