Sheer Bliss has been laying low for since the middle of March 2020 and we are pleased to be allowed to legally trade in the advanced level 3 lock down announcements. Leading up to this point and going forward, we remain committed to your safety and that of our therapists and their families. You can be assured that when you book a massage with us in a group or as an individual, we are taking every precaution. In this guide we will discuss how we are implementing safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


As always, we have a zero tolerance on any therapists coming to work sick. If anyone is showing any flu-like symptoms or general health niggles they are asked to inform us as soon as possible and call in sick. We will always have back up staff available and we can then offer you another therapist or the choice to reschedule your appointment.

On arrival at our offices, therapists will be screened with a non-contact thermometer. Once a therapist arrives at your office or home to deliver your massage, she will screen again and show you her reading on the thermometer.

We will ask that you allow the therapist to screen you too in an effort to avoid any exposure to our team too, ensuring your safety and ours.


Hygiene is fortunately a key element in the health and beauty industry and the adjustments that we have needed to make are minor.

  • Masks – All therapists will wear a mask and will continue to wear masks during our treatment unless you inform her that she may remove the mask.
  • Disposable Aprons – Disposable aprons are available on request. We bring along music to create a relaxing ambiance, but plastic can be noisy during your massage. If you feel safer with your therapist wearing an apron, please let us know and she will wear one.
  • Washing Hands – On arrival, therapists will wash their hands, should she touch her mask, she will step away to wash her hands again.
  • Gloves – Surgical gloves are available on request. The feeling of gloves on our skin during a massage is not ideal and so this is an option but not compulsory.
  • Towels and Linen – We use fresh towels and blankets that are washed on a 60° cycle after every client. These towels are dried in the sun and tumble dried on high heat. You are given a 5% discount if you provide your own towels, blankets and linen.
  • Beds and surfaces – All of our massage beds are wiped down with JIK before every appointment. Our VR headsets are wiped with alcohol swabs between every client and a disposable face mask is used for every client.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Therapists will use hand sanitizer between every client in the instance of groups, although we would prefer to wash hands between clients.

Our therapists are contracted to Uber for Business, this means that they are able to share rides when working together and get to appointments quickly. We are avoiding having therapists use public transport and so the company is providing lifts and rides to get staff to their appointments without having to make use of public transport wherever possible. Therapists with their own cars are given preference to work for mobile massages.

Bookings and Cancellations

COVID-19 is a virus that is new to all of us and it is going to take some time to get used to living with the risks of getting sick and making other people sick. On booking, we will forward you a screening form to complete that outlines the precautionary requirements of your booking. We ask that you screen yourself on the morning of your appointment at which time we will confirm your appointment for the second time. Should our therapists arrive to deliver your massage and find that you cannot have the massage due to high fever we will reschedule your appointment at no charge. However, should this happen more than once we feel that the onus is on you as the recipient of your massage to be responsible and check your temperature before your appointment, in a repeat instance a travel fee will be charged and your appointment will be postponed.

Sheer Bliss will keep a daily register to monitor all contact between therapists and clients.

Although we are doing everything possible to ensure your safety and ours, we request that any high risk clients avoid booking with us until it is completely safe to do so. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things and delivering our popular massages to you.