At Sheer Bliss we have been recruiting and hiring therapists for years, we are really fortunate that we hold on to our staff for the long road but it does happen that we lose some therapists who go on to work on ships, in spa’s and change careers. In this guide, we will talk you through the do’s and don’ts of applying for and maintaining a professional beauty therapy position.

Qualifications & Requirements

Make sure that you are correctly qualified for the position.  There are many fly by night beauty schools promising young women a certified qualification and this is unfortunately not the case.  The standard of the beauty industry has dropped so badly that it is diminishing respect for the industry as a whole.

A good school that will prepare you correctly for the beauty industry should be registered with SAAHSP, and offer qualifications by ITEC and/or CIDESCO which are internationally recognized. You should be competing practical, theory (including anatomy and physiology) and a number of hours to qualify.

Make sure that you fit the requirements of the job, does it require that you have your own transport for instance.

Curriculum Vitae

Your CV is your first introduction to a company, it should have a good professional photo of yourself to give the employer and idea of your presentation. This picture should not have any filters, should not be taken from above and no pouting! You need to look professional, reliable, and smart.

Always have all of your contact details on your CV and not only in the email you send, we often keep a CV on file for a few months and need to refer back to it and if there are no contact details we will never be able to reach the candidate.

List your experience and achievements as well as a bio on yourself, an employer wants to know who you are not only what your experience is, we care about your goals and aspirations, what do you care about and will you fit into our company culture?

Always save your CV as a PDF, this way it reads the same on any browser and you can be sure the message you are sending is opening up clearly.

Making contact

First impressions last! DO NOT EVER SEND A WHATSAPP! Technology makes it possible to stay in touch around the clock but this does not mean that you should be texting the CEO of a company on a public holiday, weekend or evening.  The person who is hiring you probably lives a very busy life and family time is precious so you intruding on time that with a Whatsapp message is a big no no. When you do make contact, get someone to read your message, check the spelling and never, ever use slang.

This is an actual message we got from a candidate;

We read a message like this and see a therapist who is unprofessional and we would most certainly not be able to trust her with our clients. This is applicable for once you have a job too, respect your co-workers and maintain professionalism at all times. Once you have developed a relationship with an employer there is no harm in using Whatsapp to communicate in a professional manor but definitely not as your first introduction.

The right way to apply is to call the office/salon and find out who the right person is to talk to and if the company is even recruiting at the time.  All being well you will then send your CV by email and wait to hear back from the company, as a courtesy we do let our candidates know the status of their application but it doers not hurt to follow up if you have not heard back.


An interview has been set and you are given a time, arrive on time and look smart. This is your chance to convey who you are and why you can add value to the company, do your homework and get a clear idea on the company that you are seeing so that you know what kind of questions you may want answered in the interview and you can engage with the interviewer.

Keep your conversations professional and be confident, highlight the best aspects of yourself and give it your all.

Developing your reputation

Every place you work at becomes a part of your professional history. If you are not happy in the work position, or you are not engaged, you will not perform. If you love the work you do and perform well in the position then you will thrive! Each previous position becomes a reference. Think of references as your ratings, each employee will rate you and this stays with you for your whole career. When we call for a reference, if the person says “no comment”, we know that something was not right.

The person you work for will comment on your punctuality, how you work with a team, how you deal with conflict, remember that who you are working with and how you work with them forms part of  your reputation going forward so always be professional and treat colleagues and superiors with respect.

The beauty industry is hungry for professional therapists and if you become a therapist in demand, you will never go without work but the truth of the matter is that you have to love what you do and do what you love.