National Women’s Day falls on the 9th August and is a pubic holiday in South Africa.  This monumental day is celebrated as a day in history where on 9th August 1956, 20,000 women staged a march on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act and stop the law of passbooks for women.

Today we take advantage of the day to honor all women in South Africa for the incredible progress that has been made and for all they achieve on a daily basis being the multitaskers of motherhood, career girls, wives, sisters and friends, this is one day just for the ladies!

In this guide we will suggest a few ways in which you can show your appreciation of the ladies in your work space or at your event.


All women, at least most women love chocolate.  Putting little chocolates on all of the ladies desks or creating a surprise “meeting” in the boardroom and have a spread of fruits and sweet treats to dip in a chocolate fountain. Delicious! Chocolate also releases endorphins and this will have your lady team feeling happy and chatting to one another encouraging team bonding.

Launch a Social Campaign for a women’s cause

Studies have shown that one of the best ways to bond a team in the office is to encourage them to pay it forward together for a common cause. Doing this during work hours gives the team a feeling of togetherness and as this does not take from their personal time it becomes a company bonding incentive.  The effect of paying it forward is always an eye opener to staff to recognize how grateful they are for all they have.

  • Donating  sanitary items to a girls home is always welcome, staff can purchase these over a month or so and deliver them closer to Women’s Day.
  • Girly Clothing – The Priness Project supply donated evening dresses to the less fortunate and underprivileged girls in matric or for their wedding day.
  • Drop off baby items or clothing to a nearby orphanage, doing this will also create awareness of the need in the community.

Sheer Bliss provides massages from a 6 Minute Moment Massage at your desk right up to a full on pop up spa where we convert your office into a spa for the day.  Massages come with a complimentary box of our delicious fudge and this Women’s Day brings something special for the ladies by offering eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting and nail painting without having to leave the office, now you can have a quick Touch up and always look your best for that next meeting.

Motivational Speaker

No better time to inspire women in bringing out their best personal brand, checkout Beyond The Dress Lori Milner is amazing; her talks and workshops focus on the ever-changing role, lifestyle and challenges of the modern woman and her multiple roles: “The Professional”, “The Individual”, “The Home-Maker” or “The Wife”. At Beyond the Dress they understand how personal and professional roles are no longer interchangeable and that a well-balanced woman is a better employee, boss, spouse and caregiver. Lori gives her clients the tools to be the best possible personal brand and work with your company to get the best out of your staff from a personal to a group level.

Chick Flick at Work

Bring out the projector, some pop corn and snacks and turn the boardroom into a cinema for an extended lunch break or early afternoon.  Get a girly classic like Dirty Dancing playing and let all the ladies in the office enjoy a good afternoon of fun viewing.

Women’s day is about remembering, how far we have come as a nation, and as a nation of women.  How ever you decide to celebrate, we at Sheer Bliss wish you a very happy Women’s Day!