Secretaries Day falls in September, this day is also known in it’s more politically correct term of “Administrative Professionals’ Day” but here in South Africa “Seccies Day” Will even do.  By any name though the purpose of the day is to thank the administrative departments for all of their hard work and for all that they do for us all year long.

In this guide we will give you a few popular ideas to get your creative juices flowing and find the right treat for your team on this special day.

Flowers & Gift Baskets

Flowers, cupcakes or gift baskets and even personal massages can be purchased online and delivered to your door with NetFlorist  This is an excellent website for long distance and you can spend as little as R180 for a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Personalized Kitchen Ware

No one likes to share a cup, give your Secretary her own personalized cup, bowl or water bottle. Something along the lines of “Instant Secretary – Just add coffee” you get the idea and you know your Secretary best.

Office Poster

More than just saying how much the work someone does means to you, a poster that will tell everyone is a really lovely gift and can stay up in the office for years to come as a daily reminder of your appreciation. You can use this gift to highlight specific key strengths to really make your Secretary feel good and of course this will look great on your office wall.




Mobile Massage

This is always a popular treat for ladies, we provide anything from a seated Massage at your desk from R39.00 each.  Right up to a nail bar or converting your office into a spa for the day where we will bring along beds, decor and music to really create a My Spa to You from R150.00 per person or a 20 minute slot.  Now with a Gel Polish option you have the benefit of nails that are instantly dry.

Planned Picnic

Take the afternoon off and head out to any of our beautiful parks to celebrate and welcome the warm weather of spring. You can have catered baskets premade with decor and the works to enjoy an afternoon treat and give the team some good bonding time under the trees. Checkout Dial-A-Picnic for national delivery.


However you decide to spend the day, we at Sheer Bliss wish you a very happy Secretaries Day!