Sheer Bliss has been under the mentorship program with ORT Jet for over a year now, the process involves having a mentor who will help with various aspects of your business and bi-annual financial selfies.

ORT JET is a division of ORT SA and was established in 2005 to create an empowering support structure for small Jewish business owners and people with business ideas in South Africa. ORT JET aims to facilitate business growth and financial sustainability by offering mentoring, training and networking opportunities.

By empowering entrepreneurs, ORT JET significantly contributes to a healthier business environment.
ORT JET capitalises on the business insight existing within the community and offers a very unique and proactive solution.

ORT SA, an NGO in Education, Skills and Enterprise Development, was established in South Africa in 1936 and is affiliated to World ORT, one of the largst educational NGO’s in the world.

    ORT JET offers businesses:
    • Mentoring.
    • Assessments for measurement of business growth
    • Training
    • Networking opportunities

ORT JET offers mentors:

  • Mentor induction.
  • Monthly group coaching sessions
  • Coaching workshops
  • Enrichment forums
  • Phone-in support

Since working with ORT, Sheer Bliss has seen phenomenal results of up to 60% growth and this growth has maintained for more than 6 months.  Spending time at ORT and seeing the fantastic work they do first hand has motivated us to choose them as our beneficiary for the next 6 months for our 1% donation.  We had made this decision before our nomination was announced to us and we were thrilled to have been recognized for our hard work and for having been grouped with such a dynamic group of businesses.


Any Entrepreneur should look into ORT Jet for networking and education as well as interesting talks and events.