Having been massaging the masses for the last 14 years we certainly have great experience in all kinds of massage. Our therapists have trained in different styles and as a business, we encourage our therapists to come in once a month to give and receive a massage. This gives us an opportunity to bond as teammates and also helps us learn new skills from one another. Not to mention that we need massages too and knowing how a massage feels goes a long way to delivering the best massages to you.

Here is our list of massages that we think do not get enough credit:

Five – Calf Massage

People talk about foot massages all the time. In fact, in the movie Pulp Fiction, Marsellus Wallace throws a man out of a window for giving his wife a foot massage, so the story goes. But why does the calf massage not get so much airtime? Probably because not everyone knows how to do it. Anyone who trains calves at the gym will have a keen awareness of the crippling effect of sore calves. The calves and lower legs being the lower extremities of the body benefit greatly from manual lymphatic drainage and circulation. Always massage towards the heart and we recommend effleurage strokes as well as knuckling on the calves for a good deep massage.

Four – Hand Massage

The hands do so much in a day and you will be surprised how much tension we carry in our hands. The small bones of the wrist hold water retention and massaging the area helps to drain them out. The fingers can also be stretched gently and this is very soothing. Now more than ever our hands are taking a beating with sanitizers. So any moisture is welcome, and by applying hand cream, you can give yourself a brief hand massage too.

Three – Sinus Massage

If you suffer from allergies you will relate to the pressure you feel in the head when your sinuses are swollen. We perform a pressure pointed sinus massage that uses pressure on the ocular bones around the eyes, under the eyes, and on the cheekbones as well as the temples. This is a relaxing massage but as the pressure is relieved you feel a clicking in the sinuses and then the nose runs a little later that day but the pressure is hugely relieved instantly.

Two – Lat Massage

Do you know how much tension is carried in the lats? We always say that you don’t know how much you need a massage until you have a massage. Your Latissimus Dorsi muscles are located in the back and are the largest muscle of the upper body and responsible for extension, adduction, transverse extension also known as horizontal abduction, flexion from an extended position, and (medial) internal rotation of the shoulder joint. While the trapezius is most commonly known for muscle pain, the Lats hold a lot of tention and having a good deep tissue massage in the area feels amazing and drains a huge amount of lactic acid in the body. We also like to stretch this muscle and you will be amazed at the range of movement that you have following a back massage that includes the Lats on the sides of the muscle just below the armpit.

One – Ear Massage

Our number one most underrated massage is the ear massage! You have not lived until someone has massaged your ears. Trust me on this, you need an ear massage. The ears are full of pressure points. People have used devices on the ears to reduce appetite and relieve muscle pain all over the body by using the right pressure points on the ears. Studies have shown an increase in concentration due to circulation being stimulated by ear massage. The most surprising relaxing massage is most definitely the ears.

The benefits of massage are so vast, in this time of social distancing, people are realizing how important human contact is. The endorphins that our bodies release with a simple hug is amazing. More people are suffering from mental health issues because of the lack of human contact and your best remedy is a massage.