Sheer Bliss has been delivering massages in the workplace for the last 10 years and increasingly it is not a trend but rather a necessity to see companies taking care of their staff. The average cost of staff turnover is significant in any organisation. We see a rise in companies offering staff more benefits to stay with the company but giving them a feeling of belonging in the company family.

  1. A short massage stimulates three main chemicals in the brain
  • Dopamine – this is a goal oriented chemical in the brain that inspires you to take action.
  • Serotonin – another main chemical in the brain which gives a sense of value within the office family as well increases our sense of importance.
  • Oxytocin – helps to strengthen “office family” relationship as well as trust.
  1. Knowing you have something exciting to look forward to will keep you going and pushing harder – just think about the countdown to a holiday, the same concept applies for a treat to a team.
  2. When people enjoy something together, and see a likeness in each other that they can relate to, they will bond as a team, this makes for better team work overall.
  3. Monthly massages have health benefits such as increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, these actions in the body boost the immune system and on a muscular level prevent major muscular problems or at least help to detect them in an early phase to prevent staff having to take time off work to treat painful ailments.
  4. People who feel appreciated perform better, staff who are given time during office hours to enjoy something personal such as donate time to a charity, work on a community upliftment project or take care of themselves are more productive during office time because they have a sense of fairness.